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Health Performance Institute (HPI)

Meet the Trainers

Mike Gaynor

B.S. Physical Education, A.C.E

Mike is the Director of Baseball Operations and certified trainer at the Health Performance Institute. He has been working at HPI since December, 2011. Mike began training out of Slammers in January 2015 when he ran the Slammers youth travel training, various strength and conditioning camps/classes and individual training. In November 2015, Mike and Kenny began to run the training component of the Slammers High School program. Currently, he is continuing to run the high school training program, youth summer training program, camps, classes and individual training out of Slammers. Mike has also been a coach at Slammers for five seasons.



Kenny Blanchard

B.S Exercise Science, C.S.C.S

Kenny began working with the Health Performance Institute in the summer of 2015 shortly after graduating from North Park University with a B.S. in Exercise Science.  In the two and a half years Kenny has been with HPI, he has trained and rehabbed players from six years old, to the professional ranks.  This upcoming year will mark the third year in which Kenny has been co-running workouts for the Slammers Youth and High School teams with Mike Gaynor.  Kenny has also run various camps, and trained athletes in a small group and 1 on 1 setting at Slammers.  Kenny has been a coach at Slammers for 3 years. 


Jason Meger

B.S Exercise Science

Jason is the newest member Health Performance Institute team. He spent the summer of 2017 as an intern, working with the Slammers youth and high school teams, and has been brought on as an employee since. Jason graduated from North Park University in 2016 with a B.S. in Exercise Science. 



Beast of the Week!

Pavan Acharya

This weeks "Beast of the Week" goes to Pavan Acharya! He is a Freshman at Libertyville High School eager for the start of the season. In this video, one of the Slammers workout groups gathers around to watch Pavan sled drag well over 400 lbs including Mundelein Senior Steven Sanchez (Arkansas Commit). Great Job Pavan!

Tip of the Week


The attached document above outlines exercises that can be done both Pre and Post throwing.  Each exercise has a video link showing how to properly complete the exercise.  The exercises in the document are chronologically laid out in the order that they should be completed. 

HPI-Slammers Warm-Up

Plank x30 Sec, Side Plank x30 Sec,  Hip Circles x5 ea CW/CCW

Hamstring Floss x10 ea, Windmills x10ea, Kneeling Serve x10ea

Thread the Needle x10ea, Prisoner Squat x10,

Forward Lunge W/ Arms OH x 10 ea, Side Lunge W/ Arms OH x10ea

Bear Walk x 10 yds, Shuffles, Skips, Cariocas W/ Arms OH x 20yds